2017 Testimonials.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilled execution. It represents the wise choice of many" Author Unknown

"Don't just meet the minimum state regulations regarding dementia education...exceed them!"
Sandra Stimson, CADDCT CALA, ADC, AC-BC, CDP

Thank you for being the best part of NCCDP


"The course is awesome and I really learned a great deal in the 1.5 days of training. There were many take-a-ways that we’re going to incorporate into our program."
Joleann Beene, RN, FACDONA, CADDCT, CDP Chief Nursing Officer, Preferred Care Partners Management Group


CDCM Certified Dementia Care Manager Seminar  (for Dementia Unit Managers)- Conference Call
December 16th 2016
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training

"The information in the manual provides qualified guidance and structure to facilities I consult to. Nellie did a great job explaining the manual and how to use it. The manual has a lot of information and very thorough. The time allows for questions and answers. At this time. I feel all the topics in the manual are relevant.”
Enhancing Solutions


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care Seminar
January 10th 2017
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon Chief Operations Officer

"I learned how to train the staff.”
Renita Carnes CADDCT  Legacy Place

"I learned that training is critical. Staff needs to be trained on specific practices, techniques, characteristics, coping methods, etc. Lots of good information and practical knowledge needed when caring for dementia patients”
Laura Reagan

"I learned about the need for better policies, understanding sexuality in seniors better and to live their truth.”
Kerri Gregory CSA

"I learned more about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care”
Mary RN

"I learned what to tell clients about Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.”
Annie RN Owner

CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care Seminar
February 3rd 2017
San Diego, CA
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: David Bahamande VP Corporate Training

"I learned to try new things in the community.”
Cristina Miller Executive Director

"I learned about Spiritual assessment, explore possibility of adapting facility.”
Edna RN
"I learned how to improve my skills with patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s.”
Irma Ferland

"I learned how to develop our respite program for seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.”
Chris Stratton Manager

"I learned about patients’ rights when to go to the families, policy changes, more information on patient care. The seminar was very well put together.”
Santee Lancaster Respite worker

"I learned the simple reminder to introduce ourselves, announce where we are and introduce to each other. Well done, Thank you.”
Kelly Anvari CSA Director Visiting Angels


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care Seminar
February 6th 2017
Richmond VA
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz VP of Corporate Training

"I learned how to train staff at my facility.” Nellie Bralley CTRS CDP CADDCT

"I learned about different types of dementia, to assist families. Also, ideas on how to engage residents. Some materials I was aware of already.”
 Social Worker

" I learned how the worlds is changing rapidly and we in the health care profession need to keep up with the new ways of interacting with our residents to benefit them the most.”
Barbara Helm

"New terms and definitions in dementia (I learned about)  and new resources, web sites and books. Using colors to draw interest. Considering how the customer is changing, LGBT and gender. Making sure we document what does and doesn’t work. I learned new ideas for communication, sharing with staff and family members whether touring or visiting families, educate those I interact with daily, cops, fire fighters, lawyers, health care professionals etc.”
Sara Abbott Sales and Marketing Director

"I learned specific practical strategies, more information on rules and regulations of facilities, information in areas I hadn’t thought about or knew about. Sexuality very informative. Presenter was better informed on pacing, so I trust her.”
Recreation Therapy Aide

"I learned how to stress relief staff, make activities to decrease behaviors.”
Vickie Williams Unit Manager Brookside Nursing

"Different memory care activities, I learned how to handle different sexual topics and different types of dementia.”
Bailey Staples Recreation Therapy Supervisor

"Overview of dementias is a good refresher with updates, ways to help stimulate learning in our community, appreciate web site resources.”
Marj Pantone Executive Director

"The sexuality session and how to start thinking in the future”
Jill Miller AAC AL CDP Activity Coordinator


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care Seminar
February 10th 2017
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale VP of Corporate Training

"Not enough space on the page to write what I have learned from Danielle. Specifically the diversity and cultural competence module and the aggressive behavior module were particularly informative and Germaine to my geriatric clinical PT practice.”
Anthony Woods MSPT CDP CADDCT  Director of Rehab

"Everything was great but the communication topic was moving. End of life care was touching, plan to pass this information to my staff.”
Nancy Munyoki CAN CDP CAD CDCM CADDCT Memory Care Manager Bridges of Warwick

"Danielle is clearly passionate about her work and very well educated and well rounded. It was wonderful to learn from her all day.”

"Lots of good information and resources.”
Sean Greyson VP Home Care and Hospice Abramson Center

"I learned about pseudo dementia and reversible conditions.”
Sarah Wiser Recreation and Event Director  Bridge at Bent Creek

"I learned about Person centered care. I have known about personalizing care but participating in this seminar, I now have information and knowledge to teach and share with my coworkers.” Liatwanne Harrison  LPN  Medical Concierge

"I learned a whole lot not just one or more and it was a lot. Thank you for this class.”
Karen Hamer Activities

"I learned about elopement kits. I liked the trainer sharing personal experiences and friendliness.” Maryann Wann LPN

"So very many different informative ways to help my clients and their families. I do teach many classes to the senior communities and I will provide this information to them. Great specific examples.”
Phyllis Ashcraft Senior Advocate

"I learned so much today. And I will use in everyday nursing homes activities.” 
Linda Xander

"I learned different ways to address repetitive behaviors.”
Katrina CSW Social Worker

"I learned information about support groups for new participants, elopement training and drills.”

"Excellent specific ways to educate caregivers and families of my clients.”
Client Care Coordinator


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer’s disease Dementia Care Seminar
January 26th 2017
Trainer: Danielle Micale VP Corporate Training

"Indepth knowledge! Extensive topics regarding dementia care. I can use to train staff to improve dementia care."
Executive Director

"This seminar was a complete and comprehensive educational session about dementia. It covered so many areas. I specifically learned a great deal of information around hoarding and wandering, sexuality and also about the disease and process itself. Excellent seminar. I was no displeased at all. Every area well covered. I found the cultural diversity chapter and discussion very interesting and there is certainly room in this country to discuss this area in greater depth. Also certainly the subject of sexuality in dementia is a topic that requires further education for health care workers."
Erica Myers ADC CDP CADDCT Life Enrichment Memory Care Director Kendal at Hanover

"We have many residents with dementia and the others live with residents with dementia."  
Theresa- Administrator

"So many things to bring back. Especially information about wandering, elopement, sexuality and training for cultural diversity, validation therapy. Tips for staff. A wealth of education and reminders. Thank you Danielle!"
Mary Ellen McCormack Director of Assisted Living


ADDC Alzheimer’s disease Dementia Care Seminar
CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
December 12th 2016
January 4th 2017
January 23rd 2017 Nashville TN
Dallas FT Worth TX

NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz Vice President of Corporate Training
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale Vice President of Corporate Training

"I learned the many types of dementia as different tips and techniques to use when talking with residents, staff and family. This will help with my career as a nurse in our assisted living and memory care facility."
Maggie Seppaia CDP CADDCT Director of Health and Wellness

"I learned to really look at how processes are done and to realize dementia is not a one size fits all. Just because something may be uncomfortable to me, doesn’t make it not uncomfortable with everyone else. Learned a lot in regards to sexuality."
Gregory Olson CADDCT CDP

"Presenters style of teaching was superb and I learned that every person, client, patient is unique. Providers should ensure they are using person centered care. I enjoyed the seminar. The presenter is very knowledgeable"

"Programming and research to support programming to remain relevant and effective to changing residents and family needs. Great material-solidly presented"

"Learned so much. More than I can write down. But especially enjoyed the tidbits about elopement and wandering. I also got a lot of information about how to improve my community and better train my staff. Thank you Danielle!"
Joy Kerr Marketing Director

"Ability to further my career as a nursing home social worker (is why I am pursuing CDP). I learned new ways to look at culture change when dealing with residents that have Alzheimer’s dementia and their family members."
Shauna Ford Director of Social Services

"Comprehensive overview of dementia and how to approach the care of someone with dementia. the quote, You’ve met one person with Alzheimer’s disease, you have met only one person.  Not everyone with the disease. Very relevant and applicable to my work with clients. I appreciate that the seminar is one day but could be expanded to two days so as to go more in depth. Danielle is so knowledgeable and hardworking and I am so impressed."

"I learned about elopement and interventions, Ideas to enhance prevention measures. Entire program presented in lecture format and power point." Nurse

"I got many ideas. Good to have outside Ideas presented." Administrator

"Reinforced and more in depth subjects. Very good presentation" QA Nurse

"Great ideas such as a wandering committee" Michelle COTA / L

"I loved learning about the upcoming research and technology coming out for dementia patients." Ashley Fox

"Excellent seminar. I learned new interventions, activity ideas, approaches to patients and dementia." Kristin PA-C


ADDC Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia Care Seminar
CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s disease Dementia Care Trainer certification seminar
January 20th 2017
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: David Bahamonde VP of Corporate Training

"I learned pointers on dementia care unit."

"I learned good skills for dealing with people with dementia."

"Great seminar!!!! I learned everything about a dementia resident and then some." RN

"I came to the course with solid knowledge base but had not yet considered the psychosexual aspects of dementia care." Meaghan Kaplan SLP ASHA

"I found all the information useful and will use for my future trainings."

" Very informative lecture on dementia care. Information that I needed for training purposes."

"This seminar allowed me to think about how I will improve my TR program." Kathleen CTRS

"Greater understanding of all aspects of dementia."

"I am going to be pursuing the trainer class." Mental Health Specialist

"I learned more detailed knowledge about Alzheimer's and dementia. "


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s disease Dementia Certified Trainer certification seminar
ADDC Alzheimer’s disease Dementia Care seminar
January 17th 2017
Sparta NJ
Nellie Stolarz NCCDP Vice President of Corporate Training

"It has enhanced my knowledge on dementia. I can take this back and share with my staff."
Sherry Newcome CADDCT CDP

"I learned a lot. It would be difficult to name specifics. Great class. Great instructor!"
Kerri -Social Worker

"I learned, How to manage aggressive behaviors." Music Therapist

"Well presented. Trainer great in providing materials and answering questions." PSY.D

"Techniques how to care and teach staff in dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease residents." Marie Chan BSN RN LNC CADDCT CDP SMQT